First Leg

I am posting this entry from Bagram Airfield. I am on my way home.

It felt a little weird leaving Kandahar. The war is still on. Even though Ramadan just started, the Taliban insurgents are still up to mischief. I am still trying to reconcile the fact that I am no longer the J3 Info Ops 3 for TF Aegis. Now I am just one of many GI’s trying to get home

I left behind a good crew to work with. My boss was a blast. He and I share an appreciation for the comedy of Eddy Izzard. We would sometimes interject Izzardisms into our conversations. Some people got it, most didn’t.

I got pretty close with the people I worked with at Task Force Aegis. We shared the same risks and aggravations. We enjoyed each other’s humor. We bitched about the same things. Damn, I will miss everyone dearly, especially “Q” and Lee.

I was asked at a farewell dinner party what is the most vivid memory I have. I said the day I saw a chassis fall from the sky and an armored vehicle drive through a fireball. There are more memories. During breakfast one day we were bitching about ISAF when all of a sudden, the Asst Chief of Operations ripped the ISAF patch off of my boss’s uniform, jumped on it, then picked it up and flung it across the DFAC. The day I was with Grizzly 6 and we were caught in an ambush is another. There are more.

One of these days I will be able to make sense of it all. For now, I am concentrating on getting home. We just completed customs and palletizing of unaccompanied baggage. Tomorrow I have to go to medical and fill out a few forms and clear finance. Saturday we have some briefings. After that, we wait for a flight.

I am kinda bummed right now. I am sure I will be in a better mood the closer I get to home. First leg down, four to go.

CPT NightHawk


Blogger Flag Gazer said...

CPT Nighthawk~
Thank you for allowing me to have a glimpse into your journey. It's has been a wonderful ride to be invited on.

We will ever be grateful for all you do to keep us safe and free, and for all you have helped to bring to those in Afghanistan.

When you get home, thank your lovely wife and your two boys for all they had to endure while you were gone - they are heroes, too!

God Speed your travels home!

ps...drop us a note and let us know when you are safely home.

28 September, 2006 20:17  
Blogger membrain said...

CPT Nighthawk. My best wishes for a safe journey home. It's so amazing to me that you, having been born in Canada, and now a Naturalized US Citizen got to go twar with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Thanks for all that you've accomplished in Afghanistan. I'l be reading all of the back issues. Do you know of any Canadian Soldier blogs? I haven't been able to find any. I suspect the DND would put a clamp on them. Godspeed.

29 September, 2006 18:12  
Anonymous flaggazer said...

I found this listing
http://www.milblogging.com/result.php?mode=advance&country=Canadaor go to www.milblogging.com and click on the Canadian flag on the right hand column.

hope this helps.

30 September, 2006 06:59  

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