Stabbed in the Back

Back in January a story was published in the Washington Post describing the situation in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. The PRT I was formally assigned to is at Tarin Kowt, the provincial capitol. You can link to the story here but because it was printed last January you will have to pay to see the rest.

I set up the interviews that Griff Witte, the reporter, had with some of the US troops. I also connected him to one of our computer networks so he can have Internet access to publish his story. When the story was printed we all thought he gave us and the coalition forces in the area a fair shake. He pointed out that Oruzgan Province is a tough province and there is a lot of work to be done but he did it fairly.

Fast forward to this month. I am really disappointed in Mr. Witte and his partner, Andy Mosher. It appears that these two so called journalists didn’t give my brethren in Iraq a fair shake at all. The article can be found here.

When you read the article it sounds like the Gulf Region Division, US Army Corps of Engineers, are all ate up. The reality is far different. Click here for the rebuttal written by MG William McCoy. Read it for yourself and you will see that Witte and Mosher are way off the mark.

I am taking this a little personally because I bent over backward to help Witte out when he visited the PRT. Judging by the tone of MG McCoy’s rebuttal, they rolled out the red carpet for Witte and Mosher. I know that the Gulf Region Division has top notch people working there because I know one of them. He and I were both 2nd Lieutenants in the 110th Engineer Battalion and he is now one of the Gulf Region Division’s operations officers.

This is a classic example of why we in the US military despise journalists. They lie, obfuscate, and selectively use a bare minimum of facts to get the “story” that follows a prearranged theme. We need reporters to report the facts, not journalists to make up a story. The public at home are not being served properly by these so called “journalists”. We help them and assist them and then they stab us in the back.

I’ll be damned if I ever help that little prick again.

CPT NightHawk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry man ... but thats the democracy ur fighting to protect... Journalists are what they are and that is by all means unpredictable...Dont go crying for mommy when one writes something crappy...it's their job!

I triple dare u to not delete this post

22 October, 2006 10:03  

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