Rockets Red Glare

One of the things that make Kandahar Airfield (KAF) exciting is the occasional rocket attack. These rockets are old Russian rockets and are woefully inaccurate. Sometimes they get lucky.

My first rocket attack occurred when I was in my rack watching the movie Serenity on my laptop with my headphones on. Out of the corner of my eye I see my roommate hurriedly getting dressed. I pulled my headphones off and asked him what’s up. He looked at me and said “Can’t you hear that?” I then heard the siren wailing. I threw on a t-shirt, grabbed my pistol, and we hauled ass to the headquarters. He was saying that the explosion was really loud and couldn’t believe I didn’t hear it. I was at a part in the movie where there were huge explosions so it must have blended in. The rocket landed within fifty meters of our headquarters. A Dutch soldier was wounded because he got caught in the open.

My next rocket attack I was in my office working late. No one was hurt because the rocket landed in a remote area of KAF. The next rocket attack I was at the gym working out. No one heard a boom but we all heard the sirens. Out we go to the bunker and we just wait. Again, no one was hurt.

Last night they got lucky. I was on the phone talking to my dad when we all heard the boom and seconds later the sirens when off. They hit the main dining facility. Fortunately for us, dinner was winding down so there weren’t many people in there. There were some walking wounded and two that got hurt pretty badly. One guy got shrapnel in the ass which is a rather embarrassing way to earn a Purple Heart. The other guy is on the way to Germany after they stabilized him. The shrapnel went in his back and nicked some vital organs. He is in pretty critical condition. All in all we got lucky, it could have been much worse.

Today is Canada Day (or Dominion Day for the hold outs). There was a grand opening of a Tim Hortons here which is a big thing up in Canada. After my workout I had an iced cappuccino and a sesame seed bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. The change they gave me was fake money so I spent it and got three chocolate Timbits (donut holes). Tonight there will be a barbeque in the Canadian NSE (National Support Element) with beer! Since I work in the HQ of the battle group and I was born in Canada, I am a special guest.

The Fourth of July is coming and I am sure the Americans will have something cool to do. I hope that when we are singing the Star Spangled Banner that we sing about the rockets red glare instead of watching one arc into KAF.

CPT NightHawk


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