I am composing this post while waiting for a flight to get back to CONUS (Continental US) at an airbase in Kuwait. I am going on R&R (Rest and Recuperation) leave. I wanted to go later in the month but my boss says that since I will be in Bagram for a conference (the second one in less than a month!!) I might as well take my leave as soon as the conference is over.

I didn't realize how busy I was and how much stress I was under until I boarded the bird to Kuwait. I felt like "wow, I have nothing to do, no report to write, no tasking to complete, no mission to go on, no e-mail to answer." During the conference I was still taking care of business for the PRT. I had a day between the end of the conference and when I was to report to the flightline and I was still taking care of business. It was like I couldn't let go. Now I am one of many minions waiting to get our collective butts home.

My bride says that she has a "honeydo" list which is fine. I didn't expect to be a total slug when I got home. There are a few things I want to do (besides the obvious quality time with bride and sons), like getting a Borgia with a greek salad piled with lamb gyro at the Coffee Zone, getting a goat cheese salad at the Cafe Via Roma with the coffee of the day, and putting in a Kali Silat session at the Jefferson City Martial Arts Academy (they recently moved the dojo to better digs). After that, I am at my brides service.

We may go on a little trip, we will have to play that by ear. I am really looking forward to this break. Quoting my commander, I am getting "some well deserved R&R".

CPT NightHawk


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