It's Full of Stars!

Happy Halloween everyone!

If I was home right now I would be wrangling two feisty boys dressed as dragons. Instead, I am in Afghanistan and we had a costume party here on the PRT. Never underestimate the ingenuity and creativity of the American Soldier, especially when the prizes are a day off at the PRT, a case of Red Bull, and a 4 day pass at Quatar.

The best costume, in my opinion, was worn by one of the SF guys. He had on genuine Japanese Army fatigues, old style glasses, and a bandanna wrapped on his head samurai style. The original purpose of his costume was to have his picture taken while his SF buddies were pulling him out of a cave. They were then going to put his picture in a briefing saying that they thought he was Taliban but was actually a WWII Japanese soldier holding out. Too funny!

My eyes have gotten accustomed to how dark it is out here at night. Back home, even out in the farm area, there is always some artificial light. Not so out here. I usually use a red lensed flashlight at night so my night vision can kick in quicker. Once it does, there is quite a show.

Tonight, when I was walking back to my hooch after taking a shower, I stopped for a bit just to look at the sky. There was no moon and the Milky Way was just starting to come out. The brightest object in the sky was Mars (the god of war, how appropriate). I kind of just stood there taking it all in.

It was pretty peaceful just standing there gawking at the stars. I wished my boys were with me so I can show them the constellations (years ago I earned the astronomy merit badge). Then I looked at Mars and was reminded of where I was and why.

When I finish this tour, I will take my boys camping and show them the night sky. I won't have to worry about Mars then, it will be 2018 before it is this bright again.

CPT NightHawk


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