Paperwork and Shots

Today we conducted an SRP (Soldier Readiness Processing). Basically, the mob site personnel look at your records and square them away.

Stuff like your insurance, next of kin notification, legal (wills and powers of attorney), and pay are checked. You also go through medical screenings like optometry, audiology, bloodwork, immunizations, and dental.

I got my first Anthrax shot today (the first of many) and Smallpox. Thankfully, all the shots I recieved on my last deployment (seven!!) were in a database and I had my little yellow shot record to back that up.

The smallpox vaccination is interesting. We have to change a bandage every day and be very careful about the seepage from the shot site becaue the seepage is very contagious. We are not supposed to touch, scratch, rub, get wet, or molest in any way the smallpox injection site. They showed us pictures of people who did not follow those rules (nasty!). I wonder how we were able to vaccinate a bunch of kids in the past without causing a major outbreak!!

I was concerned about my ear (I suffer from Meniere's Syndrome and I have to wear a hearing aid). They classified me as a GO on deployment but still set me up with an appointment with the ENT specialist to update my records.

Tomorrow morning at 0600 we will be taking a diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). I feel like crap now because of the shots. According to the medics, my arm the got the anthrax shot will be hurting. I foresee excruciating pain and agony when I am doing my push-ups!

CPT NightHawk


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